Although not, Blair could possibly chat the lady means on the cluster due to the fact one of Sophie’s contenders

Whenever Louis pertains to Nyc to see Blair, he informs her that he’s there within the magic so they need go on the brand new down reasonable. However, his regal minder, Jean-claude finds out he’s truth be told there in any event, and you will Blair convinces Dan so you’re able to imagine become the girl boyfriend so Louis is also imagine he or she is only in town to go to the newest Red People. Dan skeptically believes, but worries about harming Serena whenever Blair proposes they share a great hug one to only Jean-claude will discover. Meanwhile, Serena try doubtful away from Blair sneaking to that have Dan and you will enlists this lady relative, Charlie Rhodes, so you can flirt that have Dan at the cluster to see if they renders Dan jealous. Charlie is also the one so you’re able to later on pick Blair and you will Dan kiss, and delivers an image of it so you’re able to Gossip Woman. While this photos convinces Jean claude you to definitely Louis isn’t relationships Blair, this causes troubles to help you happen anywhere between Blair and Serena (Petty during the Red). Perhaps not proud of Blair, Sophie forbids Louis off enjoying her again and plans a celebration getting your to fulfill appropriate people to have him in order to become engaged so you’re able to. Even after the lady very first first a impressions, a drunken Chuck suggests during the party in order to get Blair back. Once awkward themselves and her, Blair makes the new class. Yourself, she tells Serena one she understands she’s the person who delivered Sophie the ebook but she thought it had been repay to own making out Dan. Louis overhears a short percentage of their challenge and later shows so you’re able to Blair, even though he knows the guy doesn’t have their mom’s recognition (The new Princesses in addition to Frog). From the Blair and Louis’ involvement group, Serena apologizes for just what she did and acknowledges that all she actually is previously wished for her is true love and you can pleasure. Blair accepts and compensate (Smashed Bass).

Consequently, Serena says to Louis’ mother, Sophie Grimaldi, that he’s relationships a good commoner out of Ny, and provides the woman with a book away from Blair’s wrongdoings thru Hearsay Girl blasts

Throughout the seasons finale, The wrong Goodbye, Blair and you can Serena desire to cross routes while Blair is in Monaco and you will Serena is within California.

Seasons Five [ ]

Throughout the Smooth in addition to Upset, Serena acts coldly towards Blair, given that this woman is jealous one to Blair ‘s the superstar off Dan’s has just create book, Inside. Yet not, on Waldorf’s Passover Seder eating, she apologizes in order to Blair to be rude and you may Blair allows. Appropriate, Serena agreements a morning meal on Tiffany’s themed wedding shower having Blair, however, asks the minions so you can discourage the lady on the theme by the acting it is a cheap and you will humdrum people. Hurt one the woman nearest and dearest usually do not worry about the woman, Blair informs Louis you to definitely she really wants to relocate to Monaco full-time for you fully incorporate the fresh Grimaldi life. However, Blair was gladly surprised whenever she arrives at new class and sees just how truly the woman it really is. Meanwhile, Louis secretly launches Gossip Girl’s offer thru a list created by Nate to own Serena so that you can inform you Blair exactly how ruthless this lady relatives really are. It comes down out due to the fact party is being conducted just in case Blair finds out how it happened, she blames Serena to possess upload git. Serena vehemently rejects so it and you can Blair thinks this lady shortly after Louis confesses he made it happen. After, the girls compensate while restaurants pie (All Rather Present).

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Pursuing the car crash (Driving around Trucks Which have Guys), Blair restrictions discussions having folk, and additionally Serena. Whenever Chuck and you may Louis look for this woman is taking place secret excursions that have Dan, they conveniently assume this woman is having an event; a proven fact that Serena dismisses since the absurd. At Nate’s The fresh Year’s Eve cluster, she requires Blair just what facts are. Blair acknowledges that she produced a hope so you can Goodness that she create proceed through with her guarantee so you’re able to wed Louis if the guy saved Chuck’s existence, and you can Dan visits church together. Shortly after Serena discovers the whole tale, she shows to everyone you to definitely Blair has been coating on her behalf the new reference to Dan and they are not having a keen fling. Relived from this, Louis falls their allegations (The conclusion the latest Fling?). In the G.Grams., Serena guarantees Blair that when she unconditionally cannot have to read with her relationships, she’ll run away together with her. Yet not, Blair decides to get married Louis nevertheless ceremony is disrupted when a video clip of the lady confessing her love to Chuck happens. Blair instantly blames Chuck, whom rejects giving it so you can Gossip Woman. Inspite of the scene, she and you will Louis end marrying. In the reception, Louis tells the lady he simply went through for the relationships to store face and this the guy doesn’t like the woman anymore. Harm, Blair ditches the new ceremony to flee for the Dominican Republic that have Dan so you can secure a separation without Louis’ concur. After she departs, throughout the Copy Dan, Serena finds out she’s shed and you may organizations having Chuck to find the girl. After going to the Waldorf penthouse, they study on Dorota you to Blair was likely to get-off the newest country which will be concealing away at the a keen airport hotel up to the lady trip renders. They song the woman down, but they are followed by Georgina, whom catches the team inside the a photo together with her. Startled through this, Serena drops your camera one to grabbed Blair’s confession so you can Chuck and you may Blair understands Serena delivered this new movies during the. Just after Sophie threatens so you’re able to reinstate the fresh dowry that can broke her friends, Blair unhappily believes to carry on the marriage charade having Louis. Later on you to evening, Serena acknowledges in order to Chuck you to she got the camera to save him from becoming charged, but Chuck states he don’t exercise. Now with the knowledge that neither of these sent the new movies from inside the, it ask yourself who extremely performed.